Diner Stories

“I love coming to Women & Children’s Free Restaurant. The staff are caring and communicative. The food that they serve is super delicious and it gives me time to talk with my Mom about my life and how I’m going to succeed in the future. Women & Children’s Free Restaurant is the 5-star restaurant for me!”


“Women & Children’s Free Restaurant is a special gift from God. I personally want to thank all the supporters for their generous gifts of love to a very special need in this community. Most of the women and children are facing difficult trials. I can only speak for myself. I am 65 years old and was diagnosed with MS in 1993 and am disabled now. I have custody of my 9 year old granddaughter so WCFR helps me feed myself and her nutritious meals. This can be very difficult for me due to limited physical and financial abilities. There are lots of charities to donate to, however, this is one of a kind not only in Spokane but in the whole state. I pray God blesses you a 100xfold for your generous gift. Thank you!”


“My two children and I have only been coming in for a few weeks. Already, we have made wonderful connections with many women who are having a rough go at life, as us. The staff provides excellent care and really gets to know us. My children light up to come here. As a single Mother it is hard to always have the time and energy to make a sophisticated meal daily, which they deserve.  This takes a bit of the burden off. I can’t begin to describe how truly blessed to have this program available. We are forever grateful!”


“Women & Children’s Free Restaurant & Community Kitchen has truly been a blessing to myself and other women in Spokane. I was in transitional living and a domestic violence shelter when I first moved here and during these difficult times, the restaurant brought some normalcy to my life. The staff treat us so kindly and the food is amazing and nutritious. Again, it’s been a blessing and a help in difficult times… thank you!”


“At the end of the month my pantry and fridge begin to run low of stored food. The meals provided at WCFR help me sustain the remaining items I do have left to last the rest of the month.  I have been utilizing Women & Children’s Free Restaurant since 2011. The volunteers are a Godsend and I appreciate all of their friendly and courteous service. Thank you for all you do to help the community.”


“I came to Women & Children’s Free Restaurant and was welcomed with open arms (literally), offering compassion, generosity, kindness as well as resources in getting help for the tough situation I’m in. It was wonderful to be treated as a human being and an equal in an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. I believe the women that volunteer and work here are all angels! The food is nutritious and the preparation and appearance is 5-star quality. Thank you for all you do!”


“I would like to thank each and everyone who makes this possible for all of us. Mom and I look forward each week to coming and not only eating but having others to talk with. I lost my job almost three years ago and have had a difficult time finding work because of my age. I am glad that I now have the opportunity to be a caregiver for my Mother who will soon be 93. She loves eating at Women & Children’s Free Restaurant and being able to tell her jokes! The meals help Mom and I to make ends meet and the food is good. The volunteers are all wonderful people and we both thank you so much!”


“Not only does my family enjoy the delicious food, but we also use this as an outing which we can’t usually afford to do. My family and I were recently homeless and Women & Children’s Free Restaurant gave us a place to get a nutritious meal and gave us hope. The kids love the books and the crafts that are done as well… thank you!”

Single Mother of 3

“I came as a guest of my neighbor and did not know what to expect. What a blessing Women & Children’s Free Restaurant is for so many! The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and we are treated with kindness and respect. The food is delicious and nutritious and we enjoy it when the volunteers sit down to eat with us… thank you!”


“Women & Children’s Free Restaurant & Community Kitchen as helped our family so much. Over the years, I have brought my three kids here often as money has been tight (even though both my husband and I work full time). We enjoy coming here because it provides a healthy meal, which with our budget at home, can be hard to do. The kids always have something to eat at home but because of the limited food at home, eating at WCFR is sometimes the only way I am able to eat as well. The volunteers are friendly and we are thankful that we aren’t treated differently or feel like a low income family. We love having a healthy meal as a family.”